Research and Development

Direct Injection Technologies is actively exploring new opportunities within Australia Agriculture and is backing this up with investment in time, research and development.

Fully Integrated and Customised Water Supplementation Solutions

In time, Direct Injection Technologies will be able to provide large pastoral and grazing operations with a completely integrated and customised water system. This would incorporate a water medication system, a fully functioning remote monitoring system as well as consultancy to help implement a watering trough system to set up bores, tanks, pipes and fencing to prevent stock accessing surface water.


Currently in a prototype form, the Chemject is a direct injection system for agricultural spraying units used in the intensive horticulture and broad acre crop spraying industries. As well as this, the Chemject is applicable to parks and garden care where weeds such as Lantana require spraying for control. A unique modular design allowing up to 5 chemicals to be dispensed both independently and at the same time. The metering pumps are designed to provide medical accuracy of chemical injection, and beside monitoring all system functions with alarms, the controller has its own WiFi and operates from a smart phone or any tablet. Telemetry is a simple option and all operations can be monitored remotely. All system operations can be seen in real time as well as retaining data for chemical usage of each site covered. A very safe and thorough flush cycle ensures readiness for the next job without leaving the cab. A change of chemical is as simple as a download on the program and then into the next paddock or crop without stopping.

Intensive Animal Production

Application for water medication in the feedlot, dairy, poultry and piggery industries is being explored. Some initial developments include;

  • Electrolyte and glucose supplementation for cattle arriving to feedlots to reduce stress
  • Bloat oil for dairy cows grazing on legumes
  • Antibiotics through piggery drip feeds and water systems
Grain Storage and Protection

Where grain is treated for pests such as weevils and borers, fumigation with registered pesticides takes place requiring operators to wear full PPE including protective masks and being fully covered. Incorporating Direct Injection principles to this process means that operators will never be exposed to chemicals when mixing or applying to grain.

Pest Control

Work is being done to explore the potential of using direct injection of chemicals in a space spraying design to provide localised control of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other disease carrying vector insects. As well as this, reticulated termite systems which require pre-mixing of termicide chemicals could be replaced with direct injection.

Partner With Us

As an Ag Tech company, we are always on the lookout for exciting opportunities to develop new products and services. If you have a great idea and would like help to make it a reality, we would love to hear from you.

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