Who We Are

A proudly Australian Ag Tech company specialising in water medication for the Australian livestock and grazing industry.
To deliver this outcome we are guided by our core beliefs

  • Value. Provide the best possible and cost-effective solutions to our customers that drive real on farm value and productivity.
  • Safety. Safety is paramount and at the heart of everything we do. Our water medication dispensers were developed with the end goal of achieving a 100% safe and reliable system.
  • Technology and Innovation. We are passionate about Ag Tech and will always work towards continuous self-improvement to continue to add value to
  • Service. Like all people who grew up in the bush, we strongly believe in the value of good old-fashioned customer service

Our Story

Direct Injection Technologies was formed in 2007 by Mark Peart as a response to the identified benefits in applying available technology to existing water medicating systems to develop a superior product. Mark realised the huge potential in not only water medication as a management tool for Australian graziers but also in broadly applying the concept of directly injecting chemicals into water to eliminate mixing tanks and chemical handling Further work was done to research and develop prototypes for the intensive horticultural and broad acre farming industries and the rest as they say, is history. Direct Injection Technologies now has the patented rights to this technology and is striving to improve its current product range as well as develop new products for different applications in other agricultural industries and commercial opportunities.

In 2017, Direct Injection Technologies made its first acquisition as it merged its business with Pastoral & Feedlot Systems Australiasia (PFSA). Many will be familiar with this name as it is the company operated by Dr Tony Wood and Norm Bashford, the suppliers of the very successful Nutridose system. The joint capabilities and expertise of both companies will enable us to offer a superior water medicating system and service for graziers where we can provide not only technologically advanced dispensing units but the nutrient additives and supplements as well.

The company’s vision is to be an Australian leader in providing innovative and creative tech solutions for the agricultural industry.

(L-R:) Tom Feez, Norm Bashford, Dr Tony Wood & Shane Sommers

Our People

Company Directors

Mark Peart


Quentin Kennedy


Corporate Advisors

Michael Blakeney


Dr Tony Wood QDAH (Hon) BVSc (Hon)


Management Team

Tom Feez– Sales Manager


Karla Johnston– Business Manager


Shane Sommers